All Samuel B. jewelry is masterfully crafted by our artisans in Bali using ancient techniques passed down through generations. Take a visual journey into each technique to see how every one-of-a-kind Samuel B. piece of jewelry is forged.

Hammered Gold

Each Hammered Gold Samuel B. piece is meticulously cut to shape, flame soldered, carefully hammered, and then polished to have an exquisite custom look. Enter the forge to see how it's done...

Tulang Naga Chains

Also known as the Snake Weave, the Samuel B. Tulang Naga chains are crafted using a traditional Balinese process of forming multiple silver wire circles that are layed out in a concentric circle, melted & pressed, then hand woven. Check out how this long and intricate process is mastered...

Twisted Cable Bangles

All Samuel B. Twisted Cable Bangles follow the same arduous hand woven process. Groups of silver strips are carefully intertwined and then wound around a wooden bar to create the circular shape. Once the ideal length is achieved they are cut and the finishing process is performed.

Flat Dot Technique

A distinguished feature of Samuel B. Jewelry is the Flat Dot Technique which is highlighted by flat, circular 18k Yellow Gold dots, which help accent each design they adorn. Each flat dot is crafted and applied by hand, one by one, by skilled balinese artisans, and the soldered in the forge to ensure they are melded onto the final piece.

Hand Set Stones

Each Samuel B. piece of jewelry adorned with genuine gemstones is hand set by skilled Artisans. With a unique gemstone used for every opportunity, each piece needs to be carefully crafted and finished to ensure a tight fit which keeps the gemstone safe and allows its true beauty to shine.