Hand Set Stones

Hand Set Stones

Each Samuel B. piece of jewelry adorned with genuine gemstones is hand set by skilled Artisans. With a unique gemstone used for every opportunity, each piece needs to be carefully crafted and finished to ensure a tight fit which keeps the gemstone safe and allows its true beauty to shine.

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Fitted & Placed

Any piece adorned with genuine gemstones is fully crafted before artisans begin to hand set the gemstones. Once the ideal gemstone is choses for that piece, careful modifications are made to the silver to ensure that the unique gemstone perfectly fits that piece. It is then placed in the piece and ready to be tightened.


Once the gemstone is in the perfect position, it is set in place. Each prong is carefully pressed by hand to make sure the integrity of the gemstone is not compromised.

Quality Check

After the gemstone is safely secured into the finished piece, the artisan inspects the integrity of the piece to ensure that it passes all quality control specifications.


Upon approval of the quality check, the finishing touches are made to the one-of-a-kind Samuel B. genuine gemstone piece of jewelry, and it is ready adorned by its eventual owner.