Flat Dot Technique

Flat Dot Technique

A distinguished feature of Samuel B. Jewelry is the Flat Dot Technique which is highlighted by flat, circular 18k Yellow Gold dots, which help accent each design they adorn. Each flat dot is crafted and applied by hand, one by one, by skilled balinese artisans, and the soldered in the forge to ensure they are melded onto the final piece.

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Melted & Punched

18k yellow gold is melted into flat sheets, and cooled so that it can be punched. Using a hammer and a special punching tool each dot is formed in the specific size required, and collected to be placed on the piece.

Design & Placement

Once the entire sheet is punched and artisan delicately places each flat dot onto the finished piece of jewelry, following the unique design and ensuring the correct sized dots are applied in their designated spots.

Flame Heated

After each flat dot is in position, it is slowly heated by bursts of flames in the forge, to safely melt the 18k flat dots onto the final piece and ensure the entire piece is forged as one.