Tulang Naga Chains

Tulang Naga Chains

Also known as the Snake Weave, the Samuel B. Tulang Naga chains are crafted using a traditional Balinese process of forming multiple silver wire circles that are laid out in a concentric circle, melted & pressed, then hand woven. Check out how this long and intricate process is mastered...

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Form & Position

Each Silver wire circle is formed separately and then carefully placed in position to be heated and melded into uniform groups of concentric circles.

Melt & Press

Once heated by flame to make malleable, the Silver wire circles are pressed into a tight oval shape so that it can be weaved together to form a solid chain.

Hand Woven

The process of hand-weaving each link of the chain is long and arduous, but results in a truly unique and beautiful traditional Tulang Naga chain that can be worn to hold your favorite pendant or on it's own as a statement in itself.