Twisted Cable Bangle

Twisted Cable Bangles

All Samuel B. Twisted Cable Bangles follow the same arduous hand woven process. Groups of silver strips are carefully intertwined and then wound around a wooden bar to create the circular shape. Once the ideal length is achieved they are cut and the finishing process is performed.


Bunch & Weave

Bunches of silver wire strands are slowly woven around a center wire to create the twisted cable shape.

Roll & Tighten

Once bunch is fully intertwined it is carefully rolled by hand to tighten the cable and create a bound rope.


Once the cable is perfected and tight, it is rolled around a smooth piece of wood to produce the necessary bangle shape.

Cut & Finish

After it is rounded, the cables are cut into separate, equal length bangle bracelets and are ready to be finished and adorned with their unique end caps consisting of beautiful gemstones, hammered gold, or other Samuel B. original designs